SciTECalculator is a calculator written as a Lua extension for the SciTE editor. The calculator looks like a calculator drawn in text mode, and is operated by keypresses and mouse double-clicks. You can use the calculator just as you would use a normal calculator; the basic calculator script is feature-complete and all buttons and associated keys work. The calculator is very similar to the standard Windows calculator.

Being a Lua script, it can be easily extended to suit one’s needs. SciTECalculator is compatible with SciteExtMan. For users who use proportional fonts, you can use SciteMakeMonospace to avoid the hassle of always switching to monospace font mode.

The basic script, which is a self-contained SciTE “application” that opens in a new buffer window when you run the script, is more of a technology demo and is placed into public domain. More complex descendants will use the MIT license. A colour version is planned.


A screenshot of the calculator running on SciTE 1.71: SciTECalculator-screenshot.png (14KB)


Project Links on LuaForge: SciTECalculator project page | File releases
Entry on Lua Wiki under SciteScripts: SciteCalculator

Latest version: SciTECalculator-0.5 (10KB zip)

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Thanks to the LuaForge team for hosting this material. This page was written on SeaMonkey. SciTECalculator was developed using the SciTE editor.

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